How to submit an article for ClassThink

ClassThink articles are created by a small group of educational professionals, but we want to get as broad viewpoint as possible and encourage our readers to get involved too. If you’ve got something to say, want to share something amazing you’re doing in your school, or just want to have a rant about the state of technology in schools, do it! Write an article for ClassThink and get your point of view in front of our 60,000 monthly readers.

You don’t have to be the next Joseph Pulitzer to write for ClassThink, all we want is someone with a passion for educational technology. Send us your article using the form below and we’ll review it. If your post meets the guidelines listed below you’ll see it on ClassThink in the near future!

Article Guidelines and Criteria

  • Posts should be at least 500 words long.
  • The post can include links to your personal blog or social media accounts but we reserve the right to remove any links.
  • Do not include affiliate links or advertisements.
  • Submitted posts are unpaid.
  • Your post must be related to educational technology.
  • Your post should be original, and must not have previously been posted on any other site. This includes your own personal website.
  • By submitting a post for review, you give ClassThink the right to edit, publish, and share this post.
  • We do not accept articles from companies promoting products or services. To share your latest product get in touch through our contact page or through our advertising portal.

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