Paper’s iPad sketching tools are now free

Popular iPad sketching app Paper has just made all of its drawing tools free to download — get it quick! Developed by FiftyThree Inc, Paper has quickly become the iPad’s go to app for taking notes and sketching. Paper is…

How to keep yourself safe on the Internet

Social media is becoming a bigger part of school life, so it’s more important than ever that teachers know how to keep themselves safe on the Internet. To help, SaferInternet.org.uk has put together a range of free brilliantly simple guides on…

Edit Audio on the go with Audacity Portable

Audacity is a hugely popular free audio editing app for Windows and Mac, but if you’re often moving between computers with different software, like in a school, it can be frustrating when the app you want just isn’t installed. Portable apps…

Teaching and Learning
QuickStart Computing Launch

QuickStart Computing is a UK government backed, free comprehensive, national programme to help primary and secondary teachers to plan, teach and assess the new national curriculum for computing. It’s a free CPD toolkit designed to help teachers to develop and…

Weak local government is costing UK schools millions

I spent 5 days immersed in the Danish education system and I came back with one conclusion – IT in English schools is inefficient, costly, and ineffective. There are several stark differences between English and Danish schools. In Denmark students don’t wear a uniform, teaching is…

The British obsession with web filtering

British schools spend thousands of pounds every year protecting students from the horrors of the Internet. A multi-million pound industry has been built up to protect our children from accessing pornography and other inappropriate content online, but how much of…

Can your teachers and students cope without Google?

It’s common knowledge that if your website isn’t listed in Google’s search index then you’re invisible to most of the Internet. But a recent experience with Google highlighted for me how differently many teachers and students experience the online world. Our…

How to work offline on your Chromebook

To get the most out of your Chromebook you’ll want to be connected to the Internet, but if you don’t have a Wifi signal there’s still a way to access your documents using Google Drive offline syncing. Many are surprised…

Web Filtering
Support Securly on Kickstarter

You might have seen our recent article on Securly, a cloud based web filtering system for schools. Securly allows you to monitor and filter Internet access on desktops, Chromebooks, iPads and more through an entirely web based system. But as Securly…

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