Managing Google Apps for Education in Schools

The complete guide to managing Google Apps in schools

Okay, so it’s not a “complete guide”, more a “slowly expanding guide”, but the sentiment is still the same!

Google Apps is is really simple to use and manage, especially compared to the Microsoft and Apple alternatives, but getting the initial set up right can save you a lot of time and money later on. In this guide we’ll go through setting up to using Google Apps in the classroom.

Getting Started

Preparing your school for the cloud

Before you start setting up anything you need to consider what affect using Google Apps will have on your school. This article takes a look at data protection, eSafety, people management, and making sure your technical staff and teachers have the necessary skills to manage your new services.

Does Google Apps meet your schools Data Protection requirements?

The UK Government has put together a set of guidelines that schools can use to judge whether a cloud service, like Google Apps, meets DPA guidelines.

Setting up your users in Google Apps for Education

There are several different methods you can use to create teacher and student accounts in Google Apps. You can create them manually, import them from a CSV file, or use one of the free tools that Google provides. This guide looks at the pros and cons of using Google Apps School Directory Sync, Google Apps Directory Sync, and Google Apps Password Sync.

Managing Google Apps user acccounts

Setting up Google Apps Directory Sync

A guide showing you how to set up Google Apps Directory sync in your school.

How to stop accounts being deleted or suspended by Google Apps Directory Sync

By default GADS deletes any accounts that aren’t on your Active Directory server. We show you how to stop that.

How to manage your Google Apps users on the go

Google has a selection of apps to let you manage your Google Apps users, groups, and passwords from your smartphone or tablet.

Managing your data in Google Apps

Google Vault is free to all Google Apps for Education schools

Google Vault is a little known but essential tool for managing your school’s data and monitoring student activity in Google Apps. And best of all, it’s completely free to schools and takes just a few seconds to set up.

How to backup your Google Apps data

Google Apps is extremely reliable for storing your school’s data, but there are still times when having a separate backup is essential. We take a look at Spanning to backup your Google Apps data.

Google Play for Education

A quick look at Google Play for Education

Google Play for Education lets teachers take control of the content their students access on their mobile devices. With Play for Education admins can distribute ebooks and Android and Chrome apps to users with just a few clicks. They even support school purchase orders for buying content.

Google Apps Migration

If you’re using a non-Google service for email and data storage but are looking to move to Google Apps there are a range of tools available to help you out!

Google Apps Cloud Migration

This official Google tools lets you migrate data from your current email server to Gmail all from the Google Apps admin console.

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How to set the default timezone for all your Google Apps users

Make sure you set a default time zone for your Google Apps users, or you might come unstuck when scheduling events in Google Calendar and other Google Apps.

How to disable sending money in Gmail

Did you know your students can now send money in Gmail? Yeah, you probably want to disable that!

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