Managing Chromebooks in Schools

The complete guide to managing Chromebooks in schools

Okay, so it’s not a “complete guide”, more a “slowly expanding guide”, but the sentiment is still the same!

Chromebooks are low cost devices that give access to online services like Google Apps. They don’t require any internal hardware on your school’s network, as long as they have a connection to the Internet your Chromebooks are happy. Many schools are now installing Chromebooks as part of 1:1 roll outs, and this guide will take a look at the steps you’ll need to take to use Chromebooks in your organisation.

Getting Started

Preparing your school for the cloud

Before you start setting up anything you need to consider what affect using Google Apps will have on your school. This article takes a look at data protection, eSafety, people management, and making sure your technical staff and teachers have the neces

Why Chromebooks are the future of school IT

If you’re on the fence about using Chromebooks in your school, or concerned that students won’t be able to do everything they need on the web, this article shows you why every school needs Chromebooks.

Chromebook — the first disposable computer for schools

We’ve gone 1:1 with school owned Chromebooks. Here’s how we deal with repairs, insurance, and theft.

Managing Chromebooks with Google Apps

How to manage Chromebooks with Google Apps

Enrolling Chromebooks in a Google Apps domain is extremely simple, but if you’re starting fresh there are a lot of configuration settings that you’ll want to get right first time.

How to move Chromebook management licenses between devices

We show you how to deprovision Chromebooks from your Google Apps domain and move the license to another device.

Setting up your Chromebooks for the first time

Buying your Chromebooks

Before you buy your Chromebooks there are a few things you should consider so you don’t come unstuck when trying to manage them with Google Apps.

Chromebook Management Licenses

If you want to centrally manage your Chromebooks with Google Apps you’ll need to buy Chromebook management licenses.

Setting up your Chromebooks

Managing Chromebooks through the Google Apps admin console is really simple, but make sure you get your set up correct first to save yourself a lot of time and effort later on.

Managing teacher and student expectations

With Windows laptops, we’d just place the trolley in the classroom and let the teachers use them as required, but I felt that there was enough additional learning curve to justify holding the Chromebooks back before we conducted some informal training with the staff using them.

Dealing with your Chromebooks

How to repair a smashed Chromebook screen in 3 minutes

In this video I’ll show you how simple and quick it is to carry out Chromebook repairs yourself and save your school hundreds in spare parts.

How to deal with a lost of stolen Chromebook

Chromebooks and Google Apps have several really useful tools built in that you can use to track and monitor your Chromebook. This article looks how to deal with a stolen Chromebook.

How likely are your 1:1 devices to be stolen? We have the stats.

One of the most difficult things to estimate when planning a school 1:1 project — whether it’s iPads, Chromebooks, or other devices — is how to budget for repairs, loss, theft, and insurance. We show you how likely your devices are to be lost.

Managing Chromebook accessibility settings

A lot of problems are caused by students tinkering around in the Chromebook accessibility settings. Here’s how to overcome the issue.

Setting up Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print lets you share your Windows printers with Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. We show you how to get Cloud Print working in your school.

How to connect your Chromebook to a projector

If you’re a teacher with a Chromebook chances are you’ll want to connect it to your classroom projector or display screen. Luckily most Chromebooks come with a built in HDMI port which allows you to use a wire to output your Chromebook’s screen to an external display.

How to work offline on your Chromebook

To get the most out of your Chromebook you’ll want to be connected to the Internet, but if you don’t have a Wifi signal there’s still a way to access your documents using Google Drive offline syncing.

The Chromebook buyers guide 2014

Over the last few weeks we’ve gone hands on with all of the latest models to help you out with your purchasing decisions. We’ll take into account not only hardware specs, but also student choice, bulk purchasing options, and durability.

How to run Windows applications on your Chromebook

You’ll soon be able to run Windows applications on Chrome OS — so long as you have a lot of cash.

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