The Complete Guide to Managing iPad in Education


The iPad is hugely popular in schools, so it’s surprising there isn’t more information available about how best to configure them in an educational environment. Whether yours is a 1:1 deployment, a shared cart of iPads, or you’re just researching your school’s IT plan we’ve put together a guide for you.

iPad LeasingWhile setting up an individual iPad is really simple, configuring and managing large numbers of the devices is a little more complicated. It’s important that you get your iPad configuration correct from the start to prevent loss of data and apps later on which will cost your school money and your staff time.

This page gathers together all of the information we’ve discovered while working with iPads, and includes best practice guidelines when deploying Apple’s tablet in your school. As you can see, although there is already a lot of information here, it is by no means definitive. If you have useful information which is not here, or have developed best practice of your own, please consider sharing it with the ClassThink audience.

1. Getting started

Setting your iPads set up correctly is extremely important and in the long run will save your school time and money. How you set up your iPads depends on who the end user is, and the type of control you want over the device and any apps installed. Getting it wrong at this stage can cause huge problems later on which can affect ownership of apps and cause data protection issues.

2. Managing iPad Apps

The way you manage apps and distribute apps is essential to using iPad in education. This section demonstrates how your school can purchase and distribute iPad apps in bulk while still keeping ownership of the software.

3. Managing iPads with Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator is essential to managing large numbers of iPads. Using Configurator you can push out apps to your iPads, control access to settings, and set proxy server and network settings. Used in conjunction with an MDM service Apple Configurator can be a powerful iPad management tool.

4. Printing from iPads

Printing from an iPad to an AirPrint supported printer is very simple. But what happens if you don’t want to replace your current printers? This article explains your options.

5. Storing and Transferring Student Work From iPad

As many schools are finding out creating an easy to use system to save work from an iPad but which is also scalable is very difficult. While this article doesn’t give any definitive answers it does explain the options open to you when transferring teacher and student work from an iPad.

6. Mobile Device Management (MDM)

7. Apple TV

8. Hardware Tips

  • Choosing an iPad case for your students
    The type of iPad case can affect how the tablet is used in the classroom and be a requirement of most insurance policies. We look at some of the more popular iPad cases and help you decide which is most appropriate for your students.
  • How to repair a damaged iPad screen
    Repairing an iPad can be costly. The most common reason for repairing an iPad is a damaged screen. We show you how to repair an iPad screen yourself at very little cost to the school.
  • iPad Smart Case Review
    We review Apple’s official iPad Smart Case and see if it fits into the school environment.
  • Gripcase for iPad Review
    If you’re looking for an iPad case for younger students, the Gripcase is perfect.

 7. Other Useful iPad Resources

8. iPad Leasing and 1:1

It doesn’t matter how much planning you put into your iPad 1:1 leasing scheme, if parents are not on board the project will fail. We look at how to approach parents about school iPad leasing.

9. Grab iPad in Education for Dummies

iPad in Education for DummiesMost ClassThink articles focus on the technical aspects of managing iPads in schools, but just as important is finding where iPad fits into your classroom. iPad in Education for Dummies gives great advice on how to embded iPad into your lessons, and which apps have the most impact on teaching and learning. It covers:

  • How the iPad fits into 21st-century education
  • Tips for managing a classroom full of iPads
  • The lowdown on reading, writing, and arithmetic in the digital age
  • Steps for creating and sharing ebooks
  • How to use the iPad to conduct impactful lessons
  • Essential apps for any educator
  • The keys to a successful iPad implementation
  • Tools for creating digital portfolios of student work

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10. Get in touch!

Information is continually being added to this guide. The goal is to document all of the information an educational organisation might need in planning the deployment of iPads. As you can see, although there is already a lot of information here, it is by no means definitive.

If you have useful information which is not here, or have developed best practice of your own, please consider sharing it with the ClassThink audience.

You can share your experience by visiting the Get Involved page and getting in touch!