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iPads in Education

In September 2012, a research group at Biddenham International School in Bedfordshire was put together to examine the use of tablet computers in teaching and learning. This is their final report.

This small project collates the work of individual teachers who explored the use of mobile technology in improving student engagement in a Bedfordshire secondary school.  It regarded engagement as a crucial factor in pupils’ success in school.

Mobile devices are part of everyday life in a rapidly changing technological world.  This project investigated the experiences of a small group of enthusiastic teachers exploring the use of tablet devices, not only the iPad but also the Nexus 7 in their teaching.  They sought to discover if either device was better suited to education, and whether any device in fact had a place in their classroom.

Data was collected through a research framework adapted for school use.  Further evidence was gathered from reflective journals, correspondence, minutes and informal interviews.

The project found that the teachers saw benefits from working collaboratively with the research group, coaches, mentors and other colleagues within and across schools in the UK.  The impact of using mobile devices showed possibilities for improved student engagement, staff development and creativity.  The extent to which this was possible was influenced by technical logistics, availability of class sets of devices and time for training.

A clear outcome of the project was the necessity to establish robust protocols covering the technical aspects, security, management and safety of all mobile devices.

In a chapter dedicated to the technical aspects the report gives details of how this has been done in the school and recommendations for further development.  Decisions around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or whole school device and the implications of that for school policy are explained.

It was found that the management of technology and a proper planning of the rollout process are essential whether for BYOD or whole school device.

The report and all conclusions reached plus a technical overview of the steps necessary for successul deployment of iPads in education are included. The report is available for download below.


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