At Apple’s “Spring Forward” event earlier today the company announced a $10,000 smartwatch, a super-thin gold Macbook, and iOS for your car. But apart from that 1:1 Apple Watch roll out you’re probably already planning, is there anything else that schools can take away from today’s announcements? Why yes!

Forget the Apple Watch

No, this isn’t just a cynical way to get an SEO boost from having the phrase “Apple Watch” in the title of a post, there really are a couple of things schools will benefit from. As part of the big announcement, Apple revealed that it’s cutting the price of Apple TV to $69. It’s the same model from last year just at a cheaper price.

iOS 8.2 is on it’s way to your iPads

There’s also an iOS update on the way, but it’s nothing to make you rush out to update your school iPads. iOS 8.2’s main feature is to enable your Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone, but there are a few minor stability improvements and bug fixes as well which are worth checking out. Thanks for the extra work Apple!

And that’s about it. Let me know what you thought of the even in the comments below. Will you be getting on the smartwatch bandwagon with the Apple Watch?


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