You’ve probably noticed that a link to Patreon has popped up recently. I’d like to take a second to explain why it’s there.

What is Patreon?

PatreonPatreon is like Kickstarter for content creators. It’s a way for fans to directly support something they love or makes their lives a little bit easier.

Patreon allows ClassThink readers to pledge a small amount each month to help us grow and continue to provide the type of content you want.

At a time when school budgets are disappearing I’m passionate that the knowledge needed to use technology in schools should be free. It’s for this reason that we want to be entirely supported by our readers — the teachers, technicians, administrators, and students who use our content to improve technology in schools.

What are we asking for?

By pledging a small amount each month you can help support and grow ClassThink. Free of commercial pressures we can concentrate on producing great content that will help teachers across the world use the latest technology in the classroom.

If everyone who visited ClassThink today pledged $1 per month ClassThink would be immediately self-sufficient.

Where are we going?

I run ClassThink as a side project — I work as a school Network Manager full-time — and I’m supported by a small group of IT professionals. Our time is very limited, but we have a ton of amazing projects and ideas we’d love to be able to share with our audience:

  • Detailed step-by-step guides on managing iPads, Google Apps, Office 365, Raspberry Pi and more.
  • News articles on IT industry developments with a focus on education.
  • Regular videos sharing innovative use of technology in schools.
  • Video reviews of the latest hardware and software.
  • School ICT policy templates and advice.
  • We want to get rid of all ads. Adverts imply bias, take focus away from our core goal, and make the site look messy. Down with ads!

Don’t worry, if you choose not to support us through Patreon, that’s fine too. We’ll still continue to do what we love. But with additional funding we can start to grow ClassThink and bring you exciting and informative new content.

ClassThink will continue no matter what, but with your support we can do amazing things to improve education for students across the world. For less than the price of a coffee a month you can be involved in promoting the use of ICT in schools worldwide.

Thanks for your support.


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Karl is an award winning Director of IT for the Royal Grammar School Guildford, based near London, England. He has been working in education for more than ten years and founded ClassThink in 2013 to share technology best practice with other schools. In 2014 he won the NAACE Impact Award for support services in schools, and writes edtech articles for Education Executive Magazine.

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