StackSocial is offering 5 of web’s most popular productivity apps for an amazing price. For $59.99 (£40) (67% off), ClassThink readers get:

  • 1 year of Pocket Premium ($44.99 value)
  • 1 year of Evernote Premium ($45 value)
  • 1 year of Wunderlist Pro ($49.99 value)
  • 1 year of LastPass Premium ($12 value)
  • 3 months of Dropbox Pro ($29.97 value, new users only)
  • Bonus: 8 week New York Times Digital Subscription (new users only)

Pocket, Evernote, and Wunderlist are three of my go to apps for keeping track of notes at work, and all three sync across my laptop, phone, and tablet, so I always have my information wherever I need it. And LastPass is a great way to keep track of the 100 different passwords you need every day in a safe and secure way.

Evernote Premium

Organize Your Notes, Lists, Reminders & More in One Space

Evernote Premium keeps all of your notes, sketches, and writing organised in one place. It’s a cloud app so all of your work is stored safely online, and there are apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, and a web interface as well.

Pocket Premium

Save Articles, Videos and Web Pages to View Everywhere You Go

Pocket lets you save articles, videos, and web pages to access later on. It’s great for quickly keeping track of useful teaching resources you find while browsing the web to use in class later.

Wunderlist Pro

The Ultimate To-Do List App to Accomplish More During Your Day

Wunderlist is a really simple todo list app that syncs your tasks across all of your devices.

LastPass Premium

The World’s Best Password Manager to Protect Your Online Life

LastPass Premium helps you remember your passwords, instantly login to any account, and share web logins, from anywhere. LastPass is the safe and convenient way to organize the keys to your online life.

Dropbox Pro

Be More Productive w/ 1 TB of Storage and Powerful Sharing Features

If you know anything about cloud services you know Dropbox. Dropbox Pro lets you store up to 1TB in the cloud that can be shared with and worked on by your colleagues.

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