paper_by_fiftythreePopular iPad sketching app Paper has just made all of its drawing tools free to download — get it quick!

Developed by FiftyThree Inc, Paper has quickly become the iPad’s go to app for taking notes and sketching. Paper is so popular that FiftyThree has also released a stylus called Pencil specifically designed to work with the app.

Paper is great for building up an electronic notebook of your teaching ideas — think of it as your digital moleskine.

While the Paper app itself has always been free, to get the most out of it you had to buy additional tools. But today FiftyThree made all of Paper’s $0.99 in-app purchases free for everyone.

Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer tools are now available to all who download the app, adding a plethora of new tools including watercolor paintbrush, a sketching pencil, a marker, and a ballpoint pen to the app’s default fountain pen. Grab it while it’s still available!


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