is a Chrome based web app that lets you record sound or create loop based sequences on any laptop or PC.

It has a simple interface but a fair bit of power underneath. You can create sound tracks for videos, learn the basics of sequencing dance tracks, record singing or instrumental playing, import sounds, apply effects, and many other features.

What is particularly interesting about Soundtrap is that more than one person can work on a track. This opens the possibility of students working together in groups during the evenings, at weekends, or even just across the classroom.

It is free to store 5 songs, but you can download completed ones as MP3s – so you should have plenty of scope.

You can create some decent recordings with the loops provided for free and these should certainly cover the needs of most students up to the end of Keystage 3.

Once you are into the older age groups, they may want more loops to explore with. They could upload them, but the major advantage of the Premium service is that it includes hundreds more loops already installed.

They do offer substantial discounts for schools including free teacher accounts and a 30 day trial of the Premium service.

It generally works pretty well and is worth a try. Though it is in beta – so expect the odd glitch and do save regularly.

We would certainly be interested to hear from anyone who uses this in class who has tried to record more substantial pieces. Let us know how you get on. In the meantime, check out the video accompanying this write-up which covers the basics.


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  1. I think Soundtrap has huge potential in K-12 education in the U.S. and around the world. Some things it shoud work in adding: volume, pan, and effect automation; sync to YouTube video, and tempo/meter change.

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