Google TranslateIf you haven’t already, go and grab the latest version of Google Translate for Android, it’s a bloody marvel and will amaze your language students.

The latest update to Google Translate brings two new features to the app which are just amazing ways to engage students in languages.

Word Lens

The first new feature is Word Lens. With Word Lens you just point your camera at phrase, sign, or other text and the app instantly translates it into your language of choice. Google Translate also features automatic language detection, which means even if you don’t know the source language it will try to work it out for you. Word Lens is currently available in: English ↔ French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

If you’re translating a whole page of text Translate is a bit flakey, but if you just want to convert a sign, headline, or phrase it works brilliantly.

Conversation Mode

But the update which could have the biggest impact for students is the speech conversation mode. Conversation mode is real time speech to speech translation which makes talking to someone in another language simple. You simply activate the app and start talking, the app automatically translates your words into your chosen language and reads it out. Someone else can then reply in another language and have it translated back to your own language. It’s amazing to see happen, give it a go today.


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