Looking for Photoshop for your Chromebook? Pixlr is the next best thing.

One of the most common arguments I hear against Chromebooks is, “You can’t do Photoshop on a Chromebook.” Well, now you can.

Pixlr is an amazingly fully featured image editing program that runs right in your web browser. It has all the features you would expect from Photoshop — layering, filters, color balance, saturation — with the added benefit that files can be saved back to your Google Drive. Okay, so if you’re a Photoshop expert you’re going to miss a few tolls, but for the majority of school tasks Pixlr can more than match Adobe’s beast of a program.

You can open and edit local photos, do cropping and adjustments, and just about every other function you might require.


If you’re familiar with Photoshop Pixlr will look very familiar — even the toolbar placement is identical. But the most exciting reason to use Pixlr in the classroom is that it’s entirely free. Forget that Adobe Cloud Connect license and see if Pixlr can meet your needs.

Install Pixlr now by clicking here.


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