Google Classroom is almost here!

Google Classroom will be officially released to all schools next week — August 11th, 2014. Classroom is the Google’s alternative to the VLE allowing teachers to build lessons and assign and mark student work. The new web app will be available to all Google Apps for Education schools for free.

Google ClassroomClassroom has been available in beta for a number of weeks, but this is the first time that teachers and students will be able to use the service in lessons.

If you’re on the Google Apps quick release schedule, then Classroom will automatically be available to all your users next week. If you’ve chosen to not automatically enable new Google services, you’ll need to enable Classroom in the Admin Console in order for your teachers to begin using it next week.

For those concerned about the lack of features in the current version of Classroom, Google promises that, “We’ll be continuing to innovate and add new features throughout the school year, so keep the feedback coming.”

To find out more about Classroom check out our early access preview.


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