We have the perfect podcast for school Network Managers, Technicians, and teachers who are responsible for rolling out and managing technology in schools.

Out of School Podcast

Search “educational technology podcast” on Google and you’ll immediately find yourself waist deep in a thick sludge of teacher focused audio. That is to say, there is some brilliant classroom technology content available, but very little from the perspective of an IT Tech.

This week I during my online meanderings I came across the Out of School podcast. This weekly series of podcasts features indepth and knowledgeable information from the two hosts, Fraser Speirs and Bradley Chambers. Both are hugely influential people in the edtech community, and between them they hold an array of impressive qualifications. Most importantly, however, both work day-to-day managing technology in their respective schools.

The latest series of Out of School podcasts features advice for deploying technology in schools, with an emphasis on iPad. There’s also a huge back catalogue of insightful weekly podcasts looking at all aspects of managing technology in schools going back to August 2012.

If you’re looking for an edtech podcast with a focus on management and deploying technology in school, subscribe to the Out of School podcast on iTunes or via RSS.


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Karl is an award winning Director of IT for the Royal Grammar School Guildford, based near London, England. He has been working in education for more than ten years and founded ClassThink in 2013 to share technology best practice with other schools. In 2014 he won the NAACE Impact Award for support services in schools, and writes edtech articles for Education Executive Magazine.

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