Apple ID for Students

Apple’s new Apple ID for Students program makes setting up and managing student iPad accounts really simple.

Settings up online accounts for students, particularly where financial transactions are involved, has always been an issue for schools and Apple IDs are no different.

Apple considers all their accounts to be personal, so the idea of setting up institutional Apple IDs for one use and personal IDs for another is not something the company supports.

Compounding this issue is the fact that Apple IDs are so tightly integrated into its iPad tablets that logging off from one account and into other is very difficult.

To resolve this issue Apple has set up a new Apple ID for Students program which allows schools to register student Apple IDs in bulk and automatically request parental permission for the accounts to be activated.


The system is all browser based and managed by Apple. Once the student has been assigned an Apple ID, and the parent confirmed the account, the student has the ability to:

  • Receive school purchased app licenses and redeem codes for textbooks.
  • Take notes in iBooks and access them on all of their iOS devices and Mac.
  • Enroll in iTunes U courses.
  • Add personal content to a school-owned iOS device, if permitted by school policies.

There are also some limitations attached to the account:

  • Account settings can’t be changed.
  • No credit card is attached to the account.
  • Limit Ad Tracking is enabled.
  • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
  • Parents or guardians are notified of changes made to the account.
  • Services such as iCloud email, which are usually associated to an Apple ID, are not enabled by default.

Once the student is assigned an Apple ID the account is considered their personal account which they can use freely on home devices and take with them when they leave the school. The account reverts to a standard Apple ID once the student reaches 13 years of age.


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