google-apps-cloudMake sure you set a default time zone for your Google Apps users, or you might come unstuck when scheduling events in Google Calendar and other Google Apps.

It might seem obvious, but by default Google Apps doesn’t ask you to confirm your school’s time zone. For most this isn’t an issue, but some of our users found that their Google Calendar told them  they were in a exotic locations which caused much confusion when sharing events with other teachers and students.

Luckily, it’s really simple to set the default timezone for all your users.

  1. Open your Google Apps admin page
  2. Click “Company Profile”
  3. Click “Profile”
  4. A panel will slide in from the right. Scroll down to “Time zone”
  5. Select your desired time zone — probably the one where your school is located.

Your users will now default to the time zone you’ve chosen for all Google Apps and your teachers will no longer invite you to meetings at 1am. Ahem.


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Karl is an award winning Director of IT for the Royal Grammar School Guildford, based near London, England. He has been working in education for more than ten years and founded ClassThink in 2013 to share technology best practice with other schools. In 2014 he won the NAACE Impact Award for support services in schools, and writes edtech articles for Education Executive Magazine.

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