Chromecast Screen Mirroring

Chromecast for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS now has an experimental option to mirror your entire display wirelessly to a TV or projector.

If you read our recent review of Google’s media streaming wonder, Chromecast, you’ll know that one of the issues limiting its use in the classroom is that the lack full screen mirroring. Now there is an official solution.

The Chromecast extension for Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook now has an experimental option that allows you to mirror your entire desktop to your Chromecast dongle. While the feature is currently limited to desktop operating systems it demonstrates Google’s intention to make Chromecast a core feature of all of its apps.

In practice the feature works very well. Screen mirroring is quick and far more reliable than many of the Miracast equivalents we’ve tested. There is some lag between changes on the desktop being reflected in the TV, but it’s not unacceptable especially considering this an experimental feature. Video also works nicely, with only the occasional stuttering.

Whether screen mirroring could work in Android or iOS is another question. The feature would likely have to be baked into mobile operating systems, which is possible with future versions of Android but extremely unlikely for iOS.

Chromecast for Google Drive

A number of Google Drive users have also started to see a “send presentation” to Chromecast option under the Present button in Google Presentations. The button is being displayed for a small number of users in the Chrome beta channel. This points to a push for Google to build in Chromecast features to Google Apps to allow sharing of content.

I’m really excited to see how Chromecast develops. Google has taken an innovative step around all the arguments surrounding content licensing and platform interoperability which currently plagues the media streaming industry. If Google can continue to push an open, platform agnostic screen sharing solution with Chromecast it would have huge benefits for schools.

Chromecast is only officially available in the US, but Amazon ships internationally at a very low cost. I’ve tested Chromecast in the UK and it all features work perfectly well including Netflix and YouTube.

You can take a look our full review of Chromecast here.


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