Apple TV has an update feature built in which allows you to update the device from the settings menu. If you access the Internet from behind a school proxy server, however, this update feature may not work. Here’s how to update your Apple TV manually.

  1. Disconnect your Apple TV from your TV.
  2. Using a micro-USB cable connect the Apple TV to a PC or Mac. If you don’t have a micro-usb cable (they come as standard with most non-Apple mobile phones) you can pick one up very cheaply from many online stores.
  3. Open iTunes. Your Apple TV should be automatically detected and be listed in the same way as an iPad or iPhone.
  4. Download the latest firmware from the Apple website. Although the download links are not publically listed by Apple they are usually easy to find using a Google search. Here’s the link for Apple TV software (4.2) for Apple TV. It will be listed as a “.ipsw” file.
  5. Option+Click the “Restore” button on the Apple TV screen in iTunes. A window will ask you to specify the location of the Apple TV software file you downloaded. Select the file, then click “Choose” to continue.

The Apple TV will take approximately ten minutes to update after which you will have a fully updated device.

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