I recently posted an article about iPad AirPlay screen mirroring. Part of that article recommends an application called AirServer which allow you to mirror your iPad’s screen to a Mac or PC. One problem with the software is that AirServer stores its activation and password settings within the currently logged on user’s profile, so when another user logs on the software is no longer activated and the password is removed. Here is how you resolve the problem.

In the article I mentioned that we had created a script to centrally manage AirServer password and activation, and since then a number of people have contacted me for the code. So, here it is![color-box rounded=”false”]Note: This article is only relevant to versions of AirServer prior to 1.9.1. Click here for more details.[/color-box]

Export the Activation Code

  1. First install and activate AirServer on a the Windows PC you require AirServer.
  2. Open REGEDIT.EXE and navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AirServer]
  3. Copy the registry keys for “TCOEA” and “ActivationCode”, we’ll need these later.

Once you have these two strings (“TCOEA” and “ActivationCode”) you can simply import them into the registry of any other Windows PC and they will activate AirServer. The problem is that this only works for the currently logged on user. If another user logs on to the PC the software will no longer be activated and the password will be cleared.

In order to automate this process we created a script.

AirServer Activation and Password Script

Note: If you activate AirServer on a second PC the first will become deactivated.

The following code allows you to enter the AirServer activation code and password for multiple PCs and automatically import it into the registry. By running the script at logon via Group Policy the settings can be applied per user. This process also has the advantage that you can change passwords in the script and they will change on the PC the next time a user logs on.

Copy the code below into a text editor, such as Notepad, and save as a .vbs file. Make sure to edit the script in the indicated places.


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