Recent research has revealed that 89% of students access their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking. Will this type of data affect how you communicate with students?

An amazing 89% of students have accessed information on their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up, while for 74% checking their phone in the first thing they do. Statistics like this reveal how powerful a communication tool the smartphone is. Should more emphasis be being put on smartphone use over tablets in education? How will you use this information to communicate better with your students?

A quarter of the time a student spends on their smartphone is spent on Facebook. Most schools block access to Facebook, but could we instead be leveraging this as a way to encourage learning outside of the classroom?

It’s interesting that the infographic below splits up “type of smartphone” by manufacturer rather than operating system. While 27% of smartphones are sold by Apple, the vast majority of the remaining 70% run Google’s Android. This gives a far more useful view of compatibility of content and apps on student smartphones.

Does information like this change your perception of mobile technology in the classroom?



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